Oh i’m so annoyed! Fate has a really wicked way of screwing with you at the wrong time. I boarded a flight with a balance of 10rs… and ended up with -5. Does receiving an sms after travelling from one country to another really cost 15 bucks… well i’l be damned. And because of that i cant even use the internet, which requires a stupid bloody sms… ugh! If only i had known. Now i have to endure three hrs of waiting with NO entertainment. All alone. One crappy flight. And then a two hour car ride!!!This is so not fair.

Its so pissing off! And to add to it, the only people i have talked to so far, was an ABCD tamilian who was quite lost (trust me, it is quite something if I find sumone “lost”), an over-eager uncle with bad breath, and a guy with thick eyebrows who popped out of nowhere and offered me a fone. Well, yes i guess i should have smiled and taken it. But a> i didnt no who to call and b> weird eyebrow guy was kinda creepy. I guess i was right not to encourage him…. at the same time I felt a bit racist …. not racist… (fascist??? Sexist???)…. paranoid about weird guys who talk to me. Which brings out a strange thing about us humans. A person would talk to a stranger of the opposite sex without a second thought if that stranger was “hot”, but anyone else automatically falls into “creepy”… true or not… let me hear opinions 😛

So here i am, sitting in CSIA, mumbai airport i mean 😛 , typing on MS word like a fool, making pre-prepared blog posts to upload. maybe i am the diary type. Guess i never realized 😛