I was watching the OC (yes i know i’m four years too late, but WHATEVER :P) and i watched this episode where Summer records a voice over for herself. I think thats the Absolute Coolest Thing EVER. I, for one, would love to have a voiceover going on behind me all the time. Maybe its because i like to think alot. Or maybe its because i’m an absolute drama queen.

Have you ever listened to a song, and pictured yourself in a video for it, created in your own head (totally different from the real video)? Well, been there. i have also imagined myself right into a movie, a book, a music video, a radio talk show,a TV show… you name it! :P. and obviously i have also gone through the trouble of creating a back story for myself, my aims and goals, my relationship with the characters (always with the cutest guy and always ending up in a disaster:P) and how ultimately that story would become my story.

Its funny how in my head, i try to make it all about me you know! All these stories and everything: they are all about me! And it gets even funnier when the “me” always ends up in a tragic death, disability or misery. In short, i like to think of myself as a struggling cinderella, handling a lot of suffering. Which is weird because i am not strong mentally or physically. So this leads me to question, “why though?” the only answer that pops into my head is an insatiable need for attention. this is ofcourse followed by the next question, “why?” well, the answer to that is still a mystery, considering the fact that i do get a lot of attention. The only thing i can possibly be proud about is that despite this mania, i still try not to demand attention from most people.  Possibly thats why people like me i guess… i may be wrong though 😛

But back to voiceovers, i want a voiceover to explain what’s going on in my head. Possibly because the result will be hilarious. And probably because it makes me feel important. Who knows, its possible because I believe that my “thoughts” are funny. Which i can’t vouch for 😛